Ready.  Set.  SURF!

The art of surfing is known as "He'e Nalu", which means "wave sliding".  For Hawaiians, surfing was a central part of their culture.  The "ali'i" or high class, claimed the highest reputation for skill with boards on waves.  Traditionally this sport was an elite and sacred activity during the 15th century.  Had it not been for Duke Kahanamoku, who perpetuated the Hawaiian heritage around the world, this sport would have been lost!  Surfing is now a lifestyle for many.  A sport of intensity that requires the utmost respect towards the beauty and power of the ocean.  Since 2005, SurfHNL continues to share this sport to visitors from all over the world.  Join us in experiencing the sport of ancient Hawaiian kings! 


Choosing the right lesson!

Surfing is a MUST DO activity during your stay here in Hawaii!  But keep in mind that its also an extreme sport, out in the open elements.  We can't control mother nature but our mission is to provide you with the best care possible during your surf adventure with us! Safety being our number one priority, its important to book each participant to the lesson best suited for that individual!  

PRIVATE, EXCLUSIVE, or GROUP?!  Read the descriptions below and choose the right lesson for you!


private surf

Our one on one private lessons are great for both adults and children!  All kids ages 3-12 surfing with Surf HNL must be booked under a private lesson.  Depending on the child's size and level of surfing, instructors will tandem surf with the child to ensure that he or she is not only safe, but also surfing like a pro!

Private lessons are perfect for advanced surfers who want to increase their skills and knowledge, beginners who would benefit from a more personal lesson, or anyone looking for a more individual experience.

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exclusive surf

Our exclusive option offers a "just the two of you" surf lesson and is perfect for couples and families.  With an instructor to student ratio of 1:2, exclusive lessons are smaller and are aimed to those who want a lesson more private than a group lesson.  Great for all surfing levels, more instructor attention also means more aid and more waves!

** Participants of EXCLUSIVE SURF lessons must be 13 years or older OR weigh over 100 pounds.



group surf 

With an instructor to student ratio that will never be more than 1:4, our group lessons are designed to optimize fun, while also maintaining safety!  Group lessons are perfect for beginner, intermediate, and advanced surfers.

** Participants of GROUP SURF lessons should be 13 -59 yrs or old, between 85-190 lbs women, 85-220 lbs men, be able to paddle their own surfboard back to their instructor with very little assistance.  All others should consider Private or Exclusive class settings.  


Choose Your Location!

Where will you be staying?  We have 2 great locations to serve you!  



Get away from the hustle and bustle of Waikiki.  Let us know what hotel in Waikiki you're staying at and participants receive complimentary round trip transportation!  Join us for a surf session at Ala Moana Beach Park.  Less crowds and beautiful views of Diamond Head!



Only a 20 minute drive from the KoOlina Resorts is our beautiful secluded surf spot!  Great conditions for beginners and intermediate surfers!  Learn the basics or master more surf skills.  Surf breaks closer to shore allows our media team out west to capture your surf adventure!  Bring the whole family for a beach day!

We would LOVE to help you book your surf adventure!  

Call us and let us know how many in your party, answer a few questions, and let us do the rest of your planning for your perfect beach day!

Special Surf Lesson Rates Available for Large Families or

Corporate Groups of 6 or more!

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