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Our Hawaii partners offer additional activities that will fuel your need to adventure!

DanielsHawaii is a 5-Star rated Tour Company for Private & Semi-Private Tours in Hawaii. All of DanielsHawaii team members are passionate about Hawaii, the Hawaiian history and the beauty of the Hawaiian nature. DanielsHawaii shows our guests the beauty of Hawaii as well as raises awareness and cultivate interest in the island’s unique Hawaiian history. Our tours are more than just a bus ride around the islands; it is a personal and intimate look of our island home. Our guests experience Hawaiian hospitality, learn about Hawaiian culture and our employees live ALOHA.

Hawaiian Ocean Adventures, a Hawaiian owned and operated company, offers sailing canoe, kayak, and stand up paddle board tours on Oahu. Also known as the Kawaipuna Foundation, our mission is to protect, preserve, and perpetuate our Native Hawaiian culture, practices, language and traditions through education, sustainability, and resource management. By utilizing and implementing the teaching and sharing of traditional Hawaiian knowledge, we seek to promote positive changes to Hawaii’s environment, people, and places for generations to come.

This is a *social impact experience* and where 100% of what you paid for this experience goes to Kawaipuna Foundation.