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Surf Lessons at
Ala Moana and Kapolei


Immerse yourself in the Hawaiian lifestyle by learning one of the most exciting sports around with our surf lessons in Waikiki! The art of surfing is known as “He’e Nalu,” which means “wave sliding.” For Hawaiians, surfing was a central part of their culture. The “ali’i” or high class, claimed the highest reputation for skill with boards on waves; and this sport of intensity requires the utmost respect toward the beauty and power of the ocean. Traditionally, this sport was an elite and sacred activity during the 15th century.  Had it not been for Duke Kahanamoku, who perpetuated the Hawaiian heritage around the world, this amazing sport would have been lost!

Surfing is now a lifestyle for many and we invite you to try it out for yourself with some surf lessons in Honolulu. Since 2005, Surf HNL continues to share this sport to visitors from all over the world through our surfing lessons near Waikiki. Join us in experiencing the sport of ancient Hawaiian kings! Tap “Book Your Lessons” in the top menu to get started.